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We provide custom testamentary trust Will templates prepared by estate planning solicitors matched to your wishes and preferences.

At Will Wizard, we rely on CCH Pinpoint® for our specialist legal information and on our consultant estate planning solicitors who routinely review the legal precedents that our testamentary trust Will templates rely on. Our consultant solicitors have over 30 years of experience in drafting comprehensive Wills that establish testamentary trusts.


Your Will has to include the testamentary trust deed.

This deed is what allows your executor to establish testamentary
trusts after your death.


Your executor establishes the trusts after you die.

All of your beneficiaries have the option to hold their inheritance in their own testamentary trust.


Beneficiaries name their trust & receive a trust TFN.

Beneficiaries use & invest their inheritance normally & submit a simple tax return for their trust.

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Ongoing taxes are reduced & inheritances protected.

Inheritances are protected from events such as a divorce, bankruptcy & other problems.

It's Free & Easy To Try!


It's so easy we can't wait for you to try.


All we need are basic details like names and dates of birth and our experts will take care of the rest.


We provide free changes to your Wills & free delivery of your Wills portfolio.

We help you make key nominations.

We help you create your security profile.

We guide you through basic decisions

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Love the portfolio. It was so easy, and I didn't have time to see a lawyer.

Kristina C

Knowing my family will be looked after gives me great peace of mind. 

Godfrey  G

As a busy mum it's great that my Will is now one less thing to worry about.

Anne M

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Frequently asked questions about Will Wizard

Are your Wills written and reviewed by solicitors in Australia?


At Will Wizard, we rely on CCH Pinpoint® for our specialist legal information and on our consultant estate planning solicitors who review the legal precedents that our Will templates rely on. Our consultant solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in drafting comprehensive Wills for their clients that are drafted to minimise risk and maximise benefit for beneficiaries, while giving executors clear directions and authorities to carry out their duties.

“Wills from Will Wizard comply with Australian Succession legislation and once correctly signed and dated by the Will owner and two independent witnesses (as per the signing instructions provided by Will Wizard) represent valid Australian Wills.”

Terry Purcell LLB Estate Planning Solicitor Legal Practitioner Director RetireLaw Pty Ltd

What if I need to make changes to my Will?

All Will Wizard customers have up to three years following delivery of their portfolio to request complimentary changes to their nominations and preferences.

New Will(s) expressing your updated nominations and preferences will then be mailed to you. These new Wills must be signed and witnessed as per the signing instructions provided in the Guide For Will Owners which is included in every portfolio.

Having or adopting additional children or accumulating additional assets does not mean you need to update you Will. Will Wizard accounts for the potentiality of additional children and changing assets.

Will Wizard standard pricing includes free changes for 3 years post-delivery, with a maximum of two change requests per year within that period. For each change request you can alter any original nominations and preferences.

What if I need to make changes to my Will AFTER the three years expires?

In many cases, you would need to purchase a new Will. However, every change request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and in some instances minor changes are made at no extra charge.

How much do Wills from Will Wizard cost?

Two testamentary trust Wills for couples

$499 incl. GST per couple

Two free Will updates each year for 3 years

All support documents and records included

Free courier delivery

One testamentary trust Will for singles

$349 incl. GST per single

Two free Will updates each year for 3 years

All support documents and records included

Free courier delivery

What happens after I place my order with Will Wizard?

Your wishes, preferences and nominations are reviewed by our quality control team who will contact you if there are any issues or questions regarding your submission.

If there are no issues or questions regarding your submission, your Wills are drafted, printed, reviewed, packaged, and delivered to your home or office.

How long does it take to receive my Will Wizard portfolio?

Expect delivery within 5 - 10 days following your order to allow adequate time for your portfolio documents to be drafted, reviewed, printed, quality control checked, packaged, and delivered.

Are delivery costs included?

Yes, delivery costs are included in the price.

You have the option to select either:

- Signature on delivery is requred;


- Authority to leave package somewhere safe.

What is included in the Will Wizard portfolio?

Every Will Wizard customer receives a secure zipper portfolio with a host of important and useful documents including:

Testamentary trust Will(s)

Our Wills are comprehensive 35 to 40 page documents that provide your executors and beneficiaries with everything they need to protect and maximise inheritances long-term.

Plain Language Will Summary

We provide a clause-by-clause plain-language summary of your Wills so you understand exactly what your Will says and means.

Guide For Will Owners

The Guide For Will Owners document provides step by step signing instructions and an optional action plan for after you sign your Wills that can help make sure that all of your assets can be transferred via your Wills.

Guide For Executors

This support document includes a list of initial priorities and an action plan for executors to follow, along with important additional information and a list of frequently asked questions.

Guide For Beneficiaries

This document provides information to assist your beneficiaries to understand their options and the many personal and financial benefits of utilising testamentary trusts to manage and protect their inheritance long-term.

Guide To Powers of Attorney

This document provides information regarding Enduring Powers of Attorney forms, Appointments of Enduring Guardian forms, and Advanced Care Directive forms in your State. We also provide a link to download free forms for your State.

Major Assets Record

This document is optional to complete and provides you with a convenient place to record details about your major assets. The purpose of this document is to assist your executor understand what major assets you own or manage, and you can update this document over time as your asset circumstances change.

Beneficiary Loans Record

This document is optional to complete and provides you with a convenient place to record any loans you have made to beneficiaries that you would like your executor to account for when distributing your estate.

Memorandum of Wishes

This document is optional to complete and provides a convenient place to record any additional wishes or instructions you may have for your executor. Executors are instructed by your Will to follow any instructions (where practicable) that you may leave in your Memorandum of Wishes.

Family Heirloom & Chattels Record

This document is optional to complete and provides a convenient place to record any specific possessions or family heirlooms that you may wish to leave to certain family members or friends.

Pet Guardian Nomination Record

This document is optional to complete and provides a convenient place to record any specific people or shelters that you would prefer to take care of any pets you may own at your death. You can also nominate an amount of money that you would like your executor to set aside to assist with the care and/or rehoming of your pets.

Social Media Data Record

This document is optional to complete and provides a convenient place to record your social media usernames and passwords to assist your loved ones to assume control of your social media after your passing.

What information do I need to provide during the online form?

If you choose the standard estate distribution plan that leaves your estate to your beneficiaries in percentage shares (i.e. equal or unequal shares to my children), then all we need are basic details like the names and dates of birth of your beneficiaries and executors.

However, if you wish to leave specific major assets to specific people, then we would also need the details of the major asset that you wish to leave. For example, in the case of real estate like your home or investment property, we would need to address of the property.

"Will Wizard surpassed all my expectations and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Ellen C


"Very impressed! I wanted my husband and I to have Wills that go the extra mile and that’s exactly what I got. Will recommend."

Tamsin S


"Never could find the spare money to devote to a family lawyer to do something comprehensive. This online Will is the real deal."

Alex H


"Great to have a testamentary trust Will in place for my children. It took me less than 10 minutes. Highly recommend!"

Sharon C

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Large group of people
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A testamentary trust can only be established by your Will after you die. 

The purpose of these special trusts is to remove the need for a beneficiary to own an inheritance in their own name, and to help reduce tax. They are a simple, inexpensive and effective strategy to protect inherited wealth.

Learn more

Gifts via Testamentary Trusts.png

A testamentary trust protects an inheritance from third-parties. Such as during a beneficiary's divorce, de facto breakup, business failure or bankruptcy.

Testamentary trusts also allow inheritors to minimise the long-term income tax and capital gains tax burden on invested inheritances.

Learn more

Wills designed for everyone.png

Given the likelihood of a loved one having financial or relationship troubles at some point during their life, the asset protection and tax benefits of testamentary trusts make them a sensible inclusion to every Will. 

They are also inexpensive to establish and manage.

Learn more

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Will Wizard delivers comprehensive Wills that establish testamentary trusts straight to your door. 


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At Will Wizard®, we rely on Stripe, the world's leading verified payment operator. Your financial details are processed by Stripe and never reach our servers. This makes sure that your card is processed safely, and your data can never be stolen. 

1. Testamentary Trust Wills

2. Plain language Wills Summary

3. Signing Instructions

4. Guide for Will Owners

5. Guide for Executors

6. Guide for Beneficiaries

7. Guide to Powers of Attorney

8. Guide To Enduring Guardianship

9. Assets & Beneficiary Loans Record

10. Family Heirlooms & Chattels Record

11. Social Media Data Record

12. Pet Guardian Nomination Record

What is included in every Will Wizard portfolio?

A simple tutorial about Australian Wills & testamentary trusts

Learn about Australian Wills, testamentary trusts, your rights and your options.

  • What's the true purpose of a Will in 2021?

  • The two main types of Australian Wills

  • Top five differences in Wills

  • What are testamentary trusts?

  • Top four advantages of testamentary trusts

  • Learn how Will Wizard works

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