What exactly do our Wills include?

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Will Wizard provides every beneficiary, including the bloodline lineal descendants of beneficiaries (i.e. children, grandchildren & so on), with the option to inherit via a testamentary trust that they personally control as trustee (unless they choose a third party trustee).

The terms (or rules) of our testamentary trusts are very broad to give beneficiaries complete flexibility in how they manage their trust over time depending on their changing needs, wishes and circumstances.

Our testamentary trusts are optional (a beneficiary can choose to inherit via a testamentary trust or not), individual (each beneficiary gets their own trust) and discretionary (each beneficiary controls their own trust unless they choose otherwise). 

Most importantly, our testamentary trusts are for the benefit of the primary beneficiary only, unless the primary beneficiary gives expressed consent for others to benefit from the trust. 

How Does Will Wizard Distribute Estates?

All Wills from Will Wizard are drafted with primary aim being to minimise risk and maximise benefit for your loved ones. To help avoid costly disputes and contested estates, we follow Australia's laws of intestacy that dictate who has a legal right to your estate.  Make a selection below that best describes you to learn how your estate would be distributed by Will Wizard:


We merge your details & preferences with our sophisticated Wills to deliver effective, affordable & comprehensive estate planning Wills that provide loved ones with the option to inherit via testamentary trusts.



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There are many great reasons why our Wills have so many pages and standard Wills do not.

We believe you and your family deserves options, guidance and protection via comprehensive Wills that provide beneficiary controlled testamentary trusts.