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About Will Wizard

Will Wizard is a user-friendly online solution that provides comprehensive Wills that establish testamentary trusts for your beneficiaries.

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The mission of  Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd is to provide sophisticated testamentary trust Will templates (matched to your wishes and details) and associated estate planning documentation at a highly affordable price.


Valid Australia-wide, our comprehensive estate planning Wills are drafted to include everything a beneficiary may need to help them maximise and protect inherited wealth long-term. 


With Will Wizard's guided tutorial and form, it only takes ten minutes to arrange your testamentary trust Will(s) online, with no experience required.


We identify your personal circumstances and merge your wishes with the right testamentary trust Will template prepared by our consulting estate planning solicitors.  


We also provide free delivery of your Will Wizard portfolio and two free Will updates each year for three years. Once you receive your portfolio, you simply follow our signing instructions. 

Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company that provides legal documentation products. The legal documentation sold by Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd is licensed from Australian estate planning solicitors. We also rely on CCH Pinpoint for additional legal updates. Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Our online system matches your online answers to the appropriate document templates and legal provisions.

If you are unsure if  Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd products are suitable for you, please seek professional advice, or contact  Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd

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“Wills from Will Wizard comply with Australian succession legislation and once correctly signed and dated by the Will owner and two independent witnesses (as per the signing instructions provided by Will Wizard) represent valid Australian Wills applicable to every State and Territory. Every person nominated as a beneficiary in a Will from Will Wizard will have the option to utilise testamentary trusts established by the Will.”

Terry Purcell LLB 

Estate Planning Solicitor
Professional consultant to Will Wizard Australia Pty Ltd


“All Australian Wills should provide loved ones with the option to inherit via testamentary trusts. The benefits are too important to miss out on."

Claire Stephenson


Will Wizard Co-Founder

Will Wizard is the brainchild of founders Claire Stephenson and Tim Purcell. Working with Australia’s leading estate planning solicitors, Claire and Tim saw that the Australian public was largely unaware of what a Will can accomplish, and too many parents were relying on standard 2-8 page Wills that often cause more problems than they solve. 


Claire and Tim want to share with Australia that Wills can and should provide help to beneficiaries during difficult times and should protect inheritances via testamentary trusts. Working with legal & technology experts, Claire and Tim created Will Wizard®, an affordable & effective online system that delivers testamentary trust Wills to your door. 

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Australia had a problem.

Will Wizard® is the solution. 

Solicitor drafted Will templates

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At Will Wizard, we rely on CCH Pinpoint® for our specialist legal information and on our consultant estate planning solicitors who draft and review the legal precedents that our Will templates rely on.


Our consultant solicitors have over 30 years of experience in drafting comprehensive Wills for their clients that aim to minimise risk and maximise the benefit for beneficiaries, while giving executors clear directions and authorities to carry out their duties. 

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