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Meet our founders

Claire Stephenson


 Will Wizard Founder

Claire has spent time in the US, Europe and Australia, and her experiences travelling led Claire to have diverse passions both professionally and personally.

Professionally, Claire has had a successful career as a creative director, content creator and UX designer, and is just as happy behind the camera as she is designing and building compelling online customer experiences.

Personally, Claire has a passion for animal rights and music, but it was her desire to find a career that combined her creative skills with a worthy cause that pushed Claire to co-found Will Wizard. 

After being introduced to the benefits and protections of modern Wills that provide testamentary trusts by her co-founder Tim Purcell, Claire understood that the risk of family wealth being lost across generations could be reduced with the right kind of Will in place.


With this new understanding, Claire’s focus narrowed to creating a compelling user-friendly online solution that would provide more Australians with easy and affordable access to comprehensive testamentary trust Wills that help to keep wealth in the family. Will Wizard® is that solution. 


Timothy Purcell


 Will Wizard Founder

Before starting Will Wizard, Tim was focused on marketing the protections and benefits of quality estate planning Wills.

Working with some of Australia’s most experienced solicitors, Tim was given a thorough and detailed education about Wills. 


It was clear to Tim that there was a multitude of common life problems and undesirable circumstances that any great Will needed to plan for in order to help protect both family members and their inherited wealth long term.

But nearly 50% of Australians died without a Will or kept putting off getting a Will because of the time and cost associated with having Wills arranged. 


Tim saw that busy Australians needed a new type of Will to bridge the gap between the very low-quality Wills available online and the very high-quality Wills that provide testamentary trusts being produced by experienced solicitors who specialised in estate planning.

It became clear to Tim that there was an opportunity to create a more holistic solution that would genuinely help Australian families if the two main problems could be overcome – namely a lack of time to meet with solicitors, and the significant cost of professional legal services.

Working closely with his co-founder Claire Stephenson, Tim focused on creating Will Wizard®, a user-friendly online solution that delivers estate planning Wills that establish testamentary trusts at a one-off cost every Australian family can afford. 

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