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Free Changes

Made a mistake? Changed your mind? ​No problem.

We know that our customers might change their mind about certain decisions they've made.


That’s why every valued Will Wizard® customer has a whopping 3 years to request free changes* to any nominations or preferences they have chosen.

Simply contact us with your change request. 

Our Will experts will then review your request to ensure accuracy and we will then send you updated Wills.

These new Wills must be signed and witnessed as per the signing instructions provided in the Guide For Will Owners which is included in every portfolio.

Having or adopting additional children, or accumulating additional assets does not mean you need to update you Will. Will Wizard accounts for the potentiality of additional children and changing assets. 

* Will Wizard standard pricing includes free changes for 3 years post delivery, with a maximum of two change requests per year within that time period. For each change request you can alter any original nominations and preferences. Delivery charges may apply depending upon your location.

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That’s peace of mind you can count on.

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