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Efficient Estate Distribution

Will Wizard® provides clear instructions and guidance to help your executors facilitate an efficient distribution of your estate to your beneficiaries. 


Estate Distribution

Given the complexities of over one dozen laws and legal institutions that can impact an estate, Will Wizard® provides guidance and information to assist executors to facilitate the distribution of the estate.

Once Probate has been granted and letters of administration have been received, the nominated executor(s) can begin to distribute the estate to the beneficiaries in the Will. 

How much this costs and how simple a task this is for executors depends on the Will itself and what documentation has been provided with it. 

The more comprehensive the Will, the clearer the instruction is for every issue, and the faster and cheaper the distribution of the estate ultimately is. 

Some of the many issues include:

Is the nominated executor willing to be the executor? Have second choice nominations been made just in case? If not, delay and expense.


Will Wizard® provides second choice nominations for every Will.

 Where are the financial records? Does the Will cover all of the deceased assets? Including assets purchased after making the Will?  If not, delay and expense.


Will Wizard® covers assets purchased after making the Will and provides a Assets & Loans Record, along with a portfolio where all important financial papers can be collated. 

Did the deceased nominate a beneficiary(s) of their super? Is it in keeping with his wishes in the Will? If not, delay and expense.


Will Wizard® includes a step by step Guide for Will Owners that includes information on superannuation and advice to seek professional advice regarding superannuation binding death benefit nominations. 

Does the Will include child/financial dependents born or acquired after the Will was made? If not, delay and expense.


Will Wizard® includes child/financial dependents born or adopted after the Will was made. 


Small Financial Gifts

Will Wizard® also includes the option to leave small financial gifts to individuals and/or organisations or charities.

This gives Will owners the opportunity to leave small financial gifts to people who are not you nominated primary beneficiaries.