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Long Term Inheritance Protection

Inheritance Protections Can Last 80 Years

Will Wizard® allows family members to manage their inheritance in a testamentary trust that they personally control, providing important protections and financial advantages that can last for 80 years across generations.


A testamentary trust has special powers and can only be created by a Will on the death of the Will owner. They are simple and inexpensive to operate, and they essentially become a beneficiary’s ‘personal bank’, and are exactly how smart Aussies help keep inherited wealth in the family long term.

Will Wizard® helps protect inheritances from:

  • A relationship breakdown or divorce;

  • A bankruptcy;

  • Being sued professionally;

  • A business failure or creditors;

  • Other money problems;

  • A mental health issue;

  • A drug or gambling addiction.


Will Wizard® provides opportunities to reduce tax on inheritances:

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