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Will Wizard® couriers to your door the following important documents in a secure Will Wizard portfolio:

Comprehensive 'Testamentary Trust' Wills

Our easy to use online system merges your basic information with our comprehensive Wills that give your nominated beneficiaries the option to receive their inheritance in a testamentary trust that they control.

We only require basic information such as names and dates of birth. We do not require any asset or financial details. Comprehensive Wills like ours provide broad authorities to executors to take control of your assets in whatever form they take after your death. This means you don't have to update your Wills as your assets change over time. For parents, our Wills also account for any children you have or adopt in the future. 

Testamentary trusts are recommended by lawyers because they can provide tax minimisation opportunities and can help protect inherited wealth from third parties threats, such as following a divorce, de facto break-up or bankruptcy. 

Testamentary trusts can last for 80 years and can be transferred across generations.

To learn more about testamentary trusts click here

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Easy Signing Instructions

Making sure that your Wills are signed and witnessed correctly is a critical step as it ensures your Wills become valid legal documents. Before a Will is signed and witnesses correctly it is just paper!

Will Wizard® provides step by step signing instructions in the Guide for Will Owners so that the signing process for both Will Owners and witnesses is stress free with no little mistakes.

Easy Signing instructions

Wills are written in a specialised legal language known as 'legalese'. For non-lawyers this can be extremely difficult to understand.

This is why every Will Wizard® customer receives a plain language summary of every clause in their Will.

Unlike standard Wills, we want to make sure you understand what your Will says and means.

Plain Language Will Summary

Plain Language Summary

Guide For Will Owners

Will Wizard® provides a simple action plan for Will Owners to follow, providing important information outlining what Will Owners must do before and after signing their Wills. 

In conjunction with the Plain Language Will summary, Will Owners are guided every step of the way to ensure they:

  • Understand their Wills;

  • Sign and execute them correctly;

  • Consider their options;

  • Action their obligations.

Guide For Will Owners

Guide For Executors

The role of an executor is not an easy one.


In fact it can be a very complicated task that causes great stress. 


Will Wizard provides a detailed Guide For Executors because guidance is most definitely needed.


This detailed document provides a list of priorities and an action plan for executors to follow, along with important additional information and a list of frequently asked questions.


This guide combined with your Testamentary Trust Wills gives clear powers and directions to executors, and a Plain Language Summary of the Will ensures executors have a strong understanding of what the Will means and offers.  

However we make it very clear that executors must seek professional legal and financial advice also.

Guide For Executos

When  your loved ones receive their inheritance they will have important options to consider.

We recommend they receive their inheritance in a testamentary trust created by your Will as this offers long term asset protection and tax minimisation advantages.


Will Wizard® provides the Guide For Beneficiaries in order to help a beneficiary to understand their options and the many personal and financial benefits they have available to them. As always we strongly recommend that all beneficiaries seek qualified legal and financial advice before deciding on how best to receive and manage their inheritance long-term. 

Guide For Beneficiaries

Guide For Beneficiaries

Guide To Powers Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you (the “principal”) nominate one or more persons (the “attorney”) to act on your behalf. 

An Enduring Power of Attorney can act as an effective safeguard against the financial problems that can flow from your ill health and mental incapacity, as your Attorney can continue to make decisions for you.


Will Wizard® provides the Guide To Enduring Powers Attorney document to assist a Will Owner understand the benefits of nominating an Enduring Power of Attorney, along with frequently asked questions and information on Powers of Attorney in your State or Territory.

Guide To Powers of Attorney

Guide To Enduring Guardianship

The appointment of an Enduring Guardian is an act which gives another person or persons the power to make lifestyle and/or medical decisions on your behalf during your lifetime when you are unable to make those decisions.

Will Wizard® provides the Guide To Enduring Guardianship document to assist a Will Owner understand the benefits of nominating an Enduring Guardian, along with frequently asked questions and information on Enduring Guardianship in your State or Territory.

Guide To Endring Guardianship

Will Wizard® provides an Assets & Loans Record with every portfolio. 


This document provides you with a convenient place to record details about your assets and any loans you have made to beneficiaries.

This document makes an executor’s job far simpler and can be updated as asset circumstances change over time.

Our Wills instruct executors to take account of, as far as is practicable, signed instructions left by you with your Will portfolio, and helps you executor protect your wishes and 'even out' inheritances based on recorded loans to certain beneficiaries and not others.

Beneficiary Loans & Assets Record

Assets & Loan Record

Will Wizard's Family Heirloom Record is a convenient place to record any specific family heirlooms that you may wish to leave to certain family members or friends.


Keeping a record of any heirlooms that you have promised to certain family members can assist in reducing the chances of family disputes. 

Our Wills instruct executors to take account of, as far as is practicable, signed instructions left by you with your Will portfolio, and helps you executor protect your wishes so that specific possessions are distributed to the correct people. 

Family Heirloom & Chattels Record

Family Heirloom Record

Will Wizard's Social Media Data Record provides a convenient place to record your social media usernames and passwords should you wish to.

This record would assist your loved ones assume control of your social media after your passing. 

Social Media Data Record

Social Media Data Record

Will Wizard's Pet Guardian Record is a convenient place for you to record the family, friends or specific shelters that you wish to take care of your pets after you die. You can even leave instructions for your executor to dedicate funds to their care, health and welfare. 


At Will Wizard we know that pets are family too!

Pet Guardianship Record

Pet Guardianship Recod

There are many great reasons why our Wills have so many pages and standard Wills do not.

We believe your family deserves options, guidance and protection via beneficiary controlled testamentary trusts. 
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